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How You Can Help

It takes approximately $30,000 per year to fully fund all of our programs and services, but we need to grow. We need your help to:

Triple the size of our food bank at a cost of $40,000 (250,000 pounds of food at 16 cents per pound)

Increase the amount of holiday meals at a cost of $20,000(1,000 meals at $ 20 a meal)


Increase the amount of children served by Christmas presents at a cost of $20,000($ 100 per child for 200 children)


Grow our needs fulfillment, which would require an additional $ 40,000 


Secure larger warehouse space.  We are currently operating out of an 800 sq ft building and we would need to obtain a 5,000+ sq ft building at a cost of $ 24,000 – $ 48,000 a year or $ 2,000-$ 4,000 a month. Ideally, purchase a building.


Build a multi-functional center to serve as a Retreat/Ranch/Animal Sanctuary/Domestic Violence Shelter.  We need to secure land to bring this vision to fruition. We currently have over 30 other non-profit agencies that are excited for the opportunity to utilize this type of facility.


We are proud of our country’s Veterans, and we want to develop a strong program to assist our Vets that have fallen on hard times. This program will be intertwined with the Burgundy Cross Ranch mentioned above.  

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